End Customer – Insured

Whether it is assistance in the event of damage to the car, vehicle recovery in case of theft or personal protection by equipping the car with a Panic Button, ViaAsig is the best solution to give you and your family the security that you need.

Insurance Company – Insurer

The information received in real time from the accident with automatic recording of all parameters of traffic and driving, the risk assessment for each monitored vehicle and periodic reporting amending these risks are just some of the reasons that make ViaAsig the ideal partner for any insurance company.




Technical data


Monitored Items:
  • The position of the car (lat / long)
  • Distance traveled (km)
  • Operating hours (hh: mm: ss)
  • Speed (km / h)
  • Acceleration / deceleration (m / s2)
  • Accident Identification (G)
  • Stall
  • Panic button alert


  • Assistance in case of damaged car
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Personal protection through provision of Panic Button
  • Online platform for monitoring cars


Risks involved:
  • Risk of speed
  • Risk of accident
  • Risk of mileage
  • Driving style risk
  • Risk of territory transited
  • Risk of road typology
  • Risk of travel time
  • Risk of hourly driving period


Download datasheet (PDF)