Internal and International Transit

Intense activity involving large vehicles with significant filling and maintenance costs, the challenge being to respect the delivery, loading and unloading times. ViaTrack reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs, and keeps you permanently informed on delivery terms by sending live or synthetic reports to your email.


Complex and heterogeneous machines and vehicles for activities that are stable and typical, but scattered across territories with high demand for the certification of the parameters, and of the times and places of use. ViaTrack gives you an overview of the whole fleet’s activity so you can intervene quickly and efficiently.


Heavy machinery, low speed and short distances, all translate into significant fuel consumption. With ViaTrack, everything can be monitored, even the agricultural areas without clear physical boundaries, by signalling the cases of predetermined operating area abandonment.


The number one priority for any company is achieving sales in a short time and with predictable cost of travel and transport. By determining the best routes, continuously optimizing the traffic and eliminating the downtime, exceptional results are achieved as quickly as possible.


Throughout the whole supply and distribution chain, from warehouse to the end customer, unforeseen problems can disrupt the time and the cost of delivery. With ViaTrack, the routes can be optimized to minimize the waste of time and fuel.

Urban Hygiene

Managing a complex range of vehicles and machines designed for a number of typical local services that require accuracy, rigorous certifications and maximum transparency seems a nightmare. Luckily there is ViaTrack, the perfect environment for planning, monitoring and calibration of performed services.


High demand for punctuality, safety, compliance with regulations – are all essential to the success of such a business. Adopting ViaTrack as a tool for planning, monitoring and optimizing activities makes all these objectives achievable.




Technical data


Equipment needed:

Runtracker 5.x


Monitored Items:
  • Position and speed of vehicles
  • Board kilometres and kilometres traveled
  • Stationary / motor running hours
  • The start / stop engine hours
  • Fuel level from tank probe / consumption
  • Engine load operating mode
  • Engine speed and temperature regime
  • Acceleration, braking, driving style
  • Engine block
  • Daily activity
  • Vehicle performance report
  • Report timeout leading driver
  • Driving style assessment report


  • Driver Recognition System
  • Read temperature in refrigerated van (up to 4 sensors / system)
  • Sensors to monitor various vehicle equipment


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