The perfect monitoring and assistance solution for persons.

Whether it’s about personal or professional use, ViaWatch allows permanent contact with those who wear the watch.

With the GPS module included you can track the location and route map of the user directly from ViaTrack application (web or mobile), being also able to be permanently in touch with the watch owner by call or voice message. Moreover, in case of an incident, the watch owner can send an SOS message.

How can you be in control with ViaWatch?


  • GPS Location

    Using the latest innovations, ViaWatch enables you to locate a person with very good accuracy and precision.

  • Follow Route

    As the watch registers the current location every 10 minutes, you can follow now the entire route traveled by the person who wears it.

  • Secure Area

    Through the ViaWatch app, you can set a safety zone. When the person wearing the watch steps out of the safety zone, you’ll receive an alert on your mobile or computer.

  • Voice

    Nothing easier than to receive or make calls directly from your watch! And if you just want to communicate something quickly, with ViaWatch you can send text messages to the person wearing the watch.

  • SOS button

    In case of emergency, by pressing the SOS button, the location is sent directly to the application and up to three emergency numbers stored in memory are called (if the first number does not answer, it automatically switches to the next number on the list).

  • Long life battery

    Due to performance optimization, the watch has excellent autonomy: in normal conditions, it can function for more than 50 hours on a single charge.