Professional solution for monitoring and fleet management through GPS.

It is a flexible solution that allows adaptation to the type of vehicles and their work. Allow permanent contact with the fleet, setting periodic monitoring reports and the establishment of rapid alerts for special situations

  • Reduce Mileage

    You know exactly where your cars are and which are the routes chosen by drivers. Now you can control the entire fleet and you can make the difference between work routes and routes traveled for personal interest.

  • Reduce Administrative Work

    With ViaTrack, you get in an instant online generated reports, which makes your job easier when it comes to the evaluation and the compensation of drivers.

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

    Having a clear picture of the driving style and the way the cars are used , you can prevent the rapid deterioration of the entire fleet due to wear.

  • Increase Drivers’ Efficiency

    When you constantly know where is your fleet, it is easy to direct and guide the drivers. By choosing the right routes , you can avoid traffic and enhance their effectiveness.

  • Stop Fuel Losses

    Finally, you know exactly the consumption for each vehicle and you can monitor both the level of fuel and the fuel burnt in injectors .


    TAPA TSR CERTIFICATION obtained by Viasat Systems is offered by Transported Asset Protection Association and it stands as warranty that your company respects the most modern and efficient security measures for both transported and stored goods.