The perfect solution to reduce the cost of motor insurance

From an objective analysis of parameters of traffic accident and driving reports style, to assistance in situations of emergency and personal protection of the driver, are all elements that make ViaAsig an exceptional product that enhances driver safety and help lower insurance costs.

  • Accident Analysis

    Automatic recording of all driving and traffic parameters when an accident occurs provide an objective view on it and on the persons responsible.

  • Disaster Assistance

    Whether it is a traffic accident or a crash to a stationary car, support in the event of an unwanted event is welcome.

  • Save with Differentiated Payment

    With ViaAsig, the amount paid for insurance can be significantly reduced depending on the driving style and how much the vehicle is used.

  • Personal Protection

    By equipping the GPS system with a panic button, alerts can be sent to communicate an imminent danger jeopardizing the safety of the driver.

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery

    Thanks to constant monitoring through the GPS system, locating, detecting and determining the position of the car is done instantly, which contributes to the rapid recovery of the vehicle.

  • Report Driving Style

    By constantly monitoring the vehicle, it is possible to generate conclusive reports about how the car is driven, which are further used to assess future premiums.