Safety for everyone



There are companies in the market where employees’ monitoring is needed and has multiple benefits: tracking the employee’s activity and allowing the employee to seek help in special cases.

We’re talking about drivers transporting high-value goods whose monitoring is necessary and even required by law in some cases.

Or about security guards who might be exposed to unforeseen circumstances.

Elderly people

When age or illness makes a person’s safety problematic, ViaWatch is the perfect solution for monitoring the people you care about via the application on your mobile phone. The SOS button gives them the opportunity to alert you in case of emergency, and direct contact through text or voice makes communication very easy.




Technical data


Equipment needed:

GPS watch


Monitored Items:
  • Locating person
  • The route
  • Exceeding the safe zone


  • Exceeding established safety zone alert
  • Low battery alert
  • SOS emergency alert
  • Long lasting battery life (over 50 hours/ charge)
  • Waterproof level (up to 30 minutes in water below 1m)
  • Grip system to prevent accidental opening
  • Easy charging via USB port
  • Dedicated app for monitoring (Apple and Android)

Download datasheet (PDF)