All the Viasat Group CEOs gathered in Turin

Press Release – Venaria Reale, November, 15th 2016

On November 15th it met all the Viasat Group CEOs board in the Italian Headquarters of Venaria Reale, to discuss strategies for the period 2017-2019. In an era where the increasing isolationism pressures, it is important that a large Italian Group, with huge international ambitions, faces the bearer of an overseas expansion strategy respectful of identities and local experiences of the companies that have decided to join this extraordinary project. Therefore, it takes on even more meaning the pan-European dimension of this meeting which was attended by: Piergiorgio Brunod, Valerio Gridelli, Marco Annoni and Gianni Barzaghi, respectively chief executives of Italian companies Elem, Viasat, Vem Solutions and Datamove, along with the CEOs of foreign affiliates: Marco Petrone from Viasat Telematics (UK), Ian and Simon K. George from Enigma Telematics (UK), Giulio Alberto Chiodarelli from Viasat Servicios Telemáticos (SP), Cati Mocanu from Viasat Systems (RO), Patricia Cristo from BluSat (PT), Jacek Rączka from CMA Monitoring (PO) and Didier Bennert from Emixis (BE).

Mr. Domenico Petrone, Founder and Chairman of Viasat Group, also recalled that the choice of the historical site of the Elem for this meeting represents an ideal bridge between the history of the Group and its future. “My dream started here and from here we want to continue to grow laying the groundwork, all together, for a successful future for our Group”, says the Chairman. “In my first 40 years, with the commitment and passion of my staff, I was able to build a strong national reality and resistant to economic storms. Now, the new international project, ambitious and global, is available to managers of all the companies. We are an international group that wanted to maintain firm its roots, safeguarding and respecting the identity of each reality which wanted to share with us the ambition of this great project. We want and we must work together, in harmony, to tackle and win the competitive challenge that awaits us on the global markets.”.

Marco Petrone, CEO of the international holding Viasat Telematics and Director of Corporate Development of Viasat Group wanted to make an initial assessment of internationalization path that has led the Group to have a size and distribution of its satellite technology in Europe and in 39 countries in Africa, Middle East and Latin America. An even more international tendency reflected by the growth in sales of foreign affiliates, already arrived to 20% of the total”, underlines Marco Petrone. “What we are witnessing today is an important step in the context of a larger plan for growth in international markets confirming the presence of the Viasat Group among the world’s Top Players”.

Finally, Massimo Getto, Vice President and CFO of Viasat Group, has emphasized the importance of knowing how to manage change and complexity that a global market inevitably imposes. The world is moving fast, is changing and modifying following chaotic paths, not clearly understandable and not predictable in a long run. In a certain way, chaos is the new normal. Complexity is our everyday environment and nevertheless we have to translate it into effective management of our processes. Harmonizing the moment and the horizon is our most bracing challenge. We have to look after our day to day activities and processes aspiring to excellence and making them better day after day after day, but we cannot avoid looking outward to be able to move our companies (and so the Group) in the right direction”.

In the morning the development plans of the 2017-2019 were presented regarding the three-year period of the Group and the individual companies, while the afternoon session was dedicated to workshops among the various companies to share intra-group projects and technological developments.

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